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The American Cribbage Congress (ACC) acknowledges the importance of teaching the children of our country the wonderful game of cribbage. Not only are they learning a game which will provide immeasurable enjoyment for the rest of their lives, they are also enhancing valuable educational skills such as mathematics, critical thinking, and cooperative learning.


The ACC has targeted the school classroom as the most efficient and effective way to promote cribbage. Dan Zeisler, a school principal and former junior high school teacher from Northern California, has taught over 900 kids how to play cribbage in schools over the past 15 years. He has written a highly successful manual on how to teach large groups of students the game of cribbage. The manual includes: a five day lesson plan to follow, information on conducting youth tournaments, two quizzes, and much, much more. Already, more than 450 manuals have been sent out all over the country.


The manuals are not available in hard copy, but can be e-mailed to you to print. A donation (of $5 or more) is requested to help cover the cost of Dan’s annual youth tournament each February, which is the largest and longest running youth event in the nation. He has had up to 94 young peggers attend!


The ACC also has start up grants for teachers working with large groups of kids. They are available upon request. Kits consist of ten long boards and twelve decks of cards.

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